Mile High Fusion is a playground for dancers to explore and grow, seek mastery, party with friends, and collaborate to create something remarkable.

Our mission is to create the preeminent fusion dance community focusing on collaborative learning, challenging diverse skill sets, growth within individuals and communities, and to inspire dancers worldwide.

What is Fusion at MHF

Mile High Fusion seeks to inspire growth, community, and collaboration. To help us foster this atmosphere, we invite you to attend with the following definitions in mind:

  • Dancers collaboratively interpret music using their experiences and moves, mechanics, techniques, and aesthetics from traditional dance forms.
  • Dancers incorporate their individual knowledge and character, including each participant’s experience; skill set; background; state of mind; and relationship to space, time, and energy.
  • Fusion often uses technique, mechanics, and aesthetic from traditional styles as a foundation. These elements become something new and different when interpreted collectively.
  • Fusion often incorporates other inspirational elements from our life experiences including emotions, natural movement, stories, and more.
  • Fusion dance encourages growth through collaboration, which results in spontaneous permutations of aesthetic, form, and flow.
  • At MHF, we value learning, growth, understanding, and perspective.
  • At MHF, individuals are empowered in themselves and respect all individuals in the community.
  • At MHF, dancers are aware of and respectful of the ways in which they are co-mixing technique, culture, and aesthetic of other dances.