Volunteer with Mile High Fusion

Why volunteer?

Every great event is a success due to the individuals like you helping to make magic happen.  Every great memory is facilitated by people like you who ensure everything runs smoothly.  The fact is, we can’t do this without you!  We would love your assistance in making this event amazing.  There are a number of great reasons why you should lend your time:

  • You want to help create an amazing Fusion community event
  • You have time and skills that could be fantastically utilized by our team
  • You want to do your part in helping Fusion culture, music and dance grow
  • You want to meet and work with other individuals like yourself for a great cause
  • You want to attend and could use some financial assistance

Whatever your reason, we are happy you are here.  Read on for more information on how to volunteer.  

How will volunteering work?

There are a number of positions and jobs we need to fill in order for this event to run smoothly.  We fill these positions with volunteers (see below for more information on position details).  As part of our thanks, this year we will offer the following compensation: for every hour you volunteer to work, we will reduce the cost of your event pass by $14.  If you volunteer for 10 hours, then your event pass (For Example $182) will be $42.  Alternatively you could work 12 hours and pay off your pass completely.  But how will the volunteering process work?

  1. When volunteer applications open, submit your information.  If submitted before official event registration opens, you will receive an email notification by 1 Apr 2018 as to whether you have been accepted as a volunteer.  When you receive your notification, you will also receive a discount code to use with registration.
  2. When registration opens you may register as any normal person.  If you have applied to volunteer prior to registration opening and have been accepted, you will have already received your discount code.  During registration you may apply it.  If you apply for volunteering after registration opens and have not registered yet, when your application is accepted you will be sent a code and can then register with the discount.  If you apply for volunteering after you have already purchased your registration, you will instead receive a refund for the amount of hours you have volunteered by 8 Aug 2018.  
  3. Your application will provide our team with information to best fill each roll.  By 15 May 2018 we will begin emailing the volunteers information about the weekend and the volunteer schedule.  When the final schedule is released, you must acknowledge you have seen the schedule by the given date in the email.  If you do not, you will lose your positions and they will be filled by other volunteers.  
  4. When the weekend arrives you must check in at the registration table (if you are working the first shift, we will organize check in with you in other ways).  When you check in, you MUST provide a check, cash, or PayPal in the amount of hours you will be working.  This will be our security deposit.  We will not cash the check unless we need to.  If you do not provide a check, cash, or PayPal you will be unable to volunteer and will be required to pay for your event pass.
  5. After your final shift, you may notify the manager in charge.  They will then check the schedule to ensure you have worked all the shifts you were signed up for.  If so, they will return your check and mark off that it has been returned.  If you provided cash, that cash will be returned to you.  If you provided PayPal, you will be refunded the appropriate amount by 8 Aug 2018.  
  6. If you are a No Show for any reason your check will be cashed in for the amount written.  When the weekend is complete, you will be refunded via PayPal the amount of hours you have completed, but we will be keeping the amount you did not complete.  You will receive this PayPal by 8 Aug 2018.  

For the purposes of volunteering, you are considered a “No Show” if you, or your replacement, do not show up at all for your shift or show up more than 10 minutes late without pre-coordinating with the Manager on Duty and/or the Volunteer Coordinator.   

In addition to pass discounts, we may have other ways to thank you for your hard work.  We will let you know about these possibilities leading up to the event.  

Some things to note:

While we will always strive to make everyone happy, sometimes we cannot comply with everyones’ requests.  In the application, you will be asked your preferences in jobs and work times.  We will do our best to match you with your preferences, however, we do not guarantee it all will be met.  If there are extenuating circumstances with anything, please contact us and we will do our best to work with you.  You are expected to be able to get yourself to and from the volunteer location on your own and on time.  We are not responsible for getting you to your shift on time and if you are marked as a “No Show,” we will cash in your check as described above.  If you are requesting housing through the MHB process, we will do our best to place you in housing that is convenient, but cannot guarantee that convenient or close housing will be available.  If you are requesting housing through the MHB process, your request will still be honored in the order it was received, in other words, being a volunteer does not move you to the front of the list, so please apply ASAP.  Sometimes, unexpected circumstances occur and we understand that.  If something comes up that prevents you from meeting your shift, we would appreciate it if you could find someone else willing to cover your shift.  We also would appreciate it if you could give us a heads up via text.  More information on this will be provided in emails leading up to the event.  


1. Why do I need to provide a check, cash or PayPal at registration?  

We appreciate all of our volunteers and the hard work they put in, however, sometimes individuals decide to not show up for their shifts or are unable to make them for other reasons.  Unfortunately, we cannot reward work that wasn’t completed and keeping a security deposit helps ensure that volunteers will be motivated to be on time for their shifts.

2. If I don’t like my shift hours or job, can I swap with another person?

In the months and weeks leading to the event, the draft schedules will be emailed to everyone.  If you find that you must change your shift, you may contact other volunteers on your own and ask them to swap.  If they have accepted, then both of you may send an email to us confirming the swap and we will make the change in our schedule.  

3. How will shift swaps during the weekend work?

Both members swapping shifts must meet with either the manager on duty or the volunteer organizer.  They will make the corrections necessary in the proper places.

4. When will I see the volunteer schedule?

The first draft for the volunteer schedule will be provided by 15 May 2018.  After this time, any adjustments can be requested.

5. I’d like to help out the event more than my pass requires – may I?

We appreciate your assistance!  Let the volunteer organizer know how many additional hours you would like to work and we will do our best to schedule you in.  Any individuals who would like to work extra in this manner will get higher chance of their preferences. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you higher compensation than your event pass, but we appreciate you in every way and will do our best to show it!  

6. I’d like to turn my check in early so that I don’t forget it – can I?

Absolutely.  However, if you intend to use cash or PayPal for your security deposit, we cannot take that until the beginning of the event.  Please contact milehighfusionteam+volunteer@gmail.com to organize mailing of checks.  

7. I’ve never worked the job I’ve been assigned before?

Not to worry – in the weeks leading up to the event emails will be sent detailing how to do your job.  If there are any questions, you may ask after reviewing those emails. If you have questions during the event, you can ask the manager on duty and they will assist you.  

8. What if all the volunteer positions get filled?

If all the time slots are filled, we will place your name on a waiting list.  If a vacancy occurs, we will contact people going down the waiting list based on when they applied.  The first person to answer their phone or email and accept the position will get it.

9. Will the discounts apply to things other than event passes?

No, the discounts for volunteering can only be applied to event passes.  They cannot be applied to food, or merchandise. You will not be reimbursed more than the cost of your pass.

10. Late/No-Show Policy
  1. If you are confirmed for a volunteer slot, we expect you to be there. If you are unable to make the event, please email us at milehighfusionteam+volunteer@gmail.com by 3 July 2018. If you do not let us know and we are forced to find backups for all your shifts, you will not be allowed to volunteer at future Mile High Fusion events.
  2. You will be compensated for the hours you work.  If you are marked as a “No Show”, the cost will come out of your security deposit.  
  3. You are expected to contact your Manager if you are going to be late or absent. Call as early as you can to give your Manager time to plan around your absence.  Doing this may change our opinion on whether you may volunteer at future Mile High Fusion events.
  4. If you are more than 10 minutes late to an assigned shift, you will be considered a “No Show” for that hour.


Volunteer Positions:

  • Registration desk:

Registration volunteers will be responsible for checking in all event participants.  They will be handing out wristbands and other documents, ensuring participants sign waivers, and assisting and handling money from those registering at the event.  Registration desk volunteers may also be asked to perform other tasks, such as counting the number of people in a room, cleaning the registration area, assisting with set up/tear down of the registration area, taking photos, etc.  

  • Greeter:

The greeter is responsible for welcoming participants to the event.  They may be stationed in a place to direct incoming participants to read certain information.  They will also be responsible for checking wristbands as participants enter the event and directing them to the registration desk if they do not have a wristband.  

  • SetUp/CleanUp:

SetUp and CleanUp crews are expected to assist with getting the venue ready for the event and cleaning it up after it has ended.  These volunteers can expect to be moving tables and chairs, sweeping or mopping floors, hanging decorations and signs, filling water jugs, setting up/breaking down special stands, and other tasks.  We expect anyone in this position to be able to lift 30 lbs on their own.

  • Merchandise table:

Merchandise volunteers will be responsible for handing out pre-purchased merchandise to participants who come to the table.  They will also be responsible for handling money and sales of additional merchandise sold at the event.

  • Photographer:

Volunteer Photographers are expected to take pictures of the event.  We want to see all the amazing memories captured and as such this position will be highly selective.  You may be asked to capture specific moments like demos, or other special times. You must be able to provide your own equipment.  

  • Videographer:

Volunteer Videographers are expected to take videos of the event.  We want to see all the amazing memories captured and as such this position will be highly selective.  You may be asked to capture specific moments like demos, or other special times. You must be able to provide your own equipment.  

  • Food assistant:

Food assistants will assist the food organizer with retrieval and delivering of prepaid lunches.  They will also assist with preparing snack and meal tables during other hours (breakfast and late night) at the direction of the food organizer.  Make sure to wash your hands!

  • Person-of-all-trades:

This position is a catch-all position, a “reserves person” you might say.  This volunteer may be asked to fill any of the above positions at any time.  They might also be asked to perform certain tasks like refilling water, taking pictures, moving chairs and tables, and other tasks.  We need highly versatile people in this position and it helps if you have worked various other positions in the past.

  • Volunteer Driver:

    Volunteer drivers are our vital source of transportation in getting our instructors to/from the venue from the lodgings or airport.  Hours will be scheduled throughout the day when we specifically need them.  You must provide a vehicle you can drive. Those who would like to volunteer as a driver will receive $21 per hour worked off their selected pass instead of the regular $14.

    • Special Projects Manager:

    A Special Projects Manager is the Manager of a particular project for the event.  Examples include handling the housing process, being stage manager for the Thursday show, etc.  These roles may include work prior to the event in addition to during the event. This position is not available to everyone and you must have leadership experience to fill this roll.  If you are interested in this position, please email milehighfusionteam+volunteer@gmail.com and we will discuss the possibilities of this position.  

    • Event Manager:

    The Event Manager is the Manager on Duty at a given period of time.  This person is responsible for managing the volunteers during their shift and ensuring all tasks are being completed at appropriate times during the event.  They are also responsible for handling customer service needs. This position is not available to everyone and you must have leadership experience to fill this roll.  If you are interested in this position, please email milehighfusionteam+volunteer@gmail.com and we will discuss the possibilities of this position.