We invite you to participate in the unique learning environment of Mile High Fusion, where collaboration and innovation are central. Let’s all play in the same sandbox! In order to keep this creation going on the dancefloor, we will be capping Dance Only Passes to one-third the number of All Access Passes sold. This year, the event WILL SELL OUT at 120 All Access Passes, so register soon to make sure you can join us!

At-the-Door Tickets

There will be a limited number of at-the-door tickets available. Keep up to date on the event page to see if we’ve met our sell out number and are admitting at the door guests!

Pricing for At-the-Door tickets will be:

  • Single Night of Dancing (Fri, Sat, or Sun) -$39
  • Dance Pass (Fri, Sat, and Sun) – $110
  • Single Class (Intensives not available at the door as a single class) – $15
  • Single Day Workshop (Sat or Sun) – $49
  • Full Day + Dance – $79
  • All Access Pass – $169

By seeking to attend, you are agreeing to create a welcoming, inclusive, and safer space as outlined by our Safer Spaces policies. We are excited to see what all of us working together will make possible. If you have been banned from any other dance event and did not petition to attend Mile High Fusion 2018 by May 1st, 2018, you will be denied admission at the door. Read more about why we’re asking in this section of our Safer Spaces Policies. Those who have petitioned by the deadline (May 1) have been contacted about the status of their petition.

All Access Pass

This pass type includes access to all education classes Saturday and Sunday.  It also includes all dances Friday through Sunday evenings and any late night food served.

We are offering the following price points with limited availability, so please purchase at the upper end of your capacity to enable folks of various financial capacities to attend:
$129 – 10 passes – SOLD OUT
$139 – 15 passes – SOLD OUT
$149 – 25 passes – SOLD OUT
$159 – 35 passes
$169 – 35 passes

Dance Only Pass

This pass type includes access to all evening dances Friday through Sunday evenings, Friday Evening’s class before dancing starts, and any late night food served.

This pass will be offered at $110 and the number released will be one-third the number of All Access Passes sold (check in periodically for more as we will add more passes as we sell All Access Passes).

Pass Policies

Regarding Persons who have been Banned or Restricted at MHF or other dance events
If you have been banned from any other dance event, please let us know so we may review your situation prior to registering. More information can be found in this section of our Safer Spaces Policies. Note: All petitions to attend Mile High Fusion must be received by our Petition Review Deadline or you will not be allowed to attend this year’s event; upcoming deadlines can be found here.
If you are an organizer in a scene that has recently banned or restricted someone, you may submit a Google Form here or letter to us by email (milehighfusionteam+saferspaces@gmail.com) to alert us of this action.

No Refunds or Deferrals
No refunds will be offered for any pass types or merchandise offered through MHF. Passes may not be deferred to future years.

Any pass type may be transferred to another individual if transfer request is received by two weeks prior to the start of the event (July 20th, 2018). To transfer your pass, please contact milehighfusionteam+registration@gmail.com with your name, email, phone number, pass type, and the person you are transferring to’s name, email, and phone number. Please CC the other individual on the email. Passes received as rewards at other events may not be transferred or deferred.


If you are interested in reducing your attendance costs, we hope you will consider volunteering!  You can apply to volunteer at our event here.


Housing is a great way to get to know other dancers better, support traveling dancers, or save a bit on travel costs! To apply to be housed by a local dancer or to apply to be a host, fill out the housing application here. Note: If you are applying, your place in the housing queue will be determined by the time at which you register and pay for your pass. Priority housing application deadline is June 29th.