Rebecca Ortega

California-born, and Seattle-based, Becca (AKA: DJ ‘Tega) is a genre-bender.  She has been dancing for six years and is now equal parts teacher, dancer and DJ…all while pursuing a PhD!  Becca identifies as a fusion dancer with ballroom, Latin, blues, and hip-hop influences. Her DJ style prioritizes fostering the deepest connection possible for those dancing to her sets, which has earned her gigs at Seattle Fusion Festival, Mile High Blues, Easter Swing, Mist Connections, and Lakeside Fusion, in addition to the position of DJ Mentor at Mu & I Micro Practica in Seattle. Her music features everything from ooey-gooey micro, to juicy remixes, to beautiful lyrical pieces. She believes that a well-timed and crafted set can give any dancer emotional catharsis that can yield a dance high that lasts for hours.  Her goal is to give everyone at least one “magic dance”, so be ready for some intense connection!

Clyde Wright

Clyde Wright is a social dancer, teacher, DJ, competitor and performer from Washington DC with over fifteen years of partner dance and stage (dramas, musicals, operetta) experience and a lifetime of musical experience in a variety of forms.  His intense study of partner dances began over a decade ago with West Coast Swing and he quickly discovered Blues, Tango, Lindy, Salsa and Fusion dancing from there. Clyde is most interested in being the best partner he can, and is passionate about both leading and following in all of the dance forms he has studied.  Because of his varied study of dance styles, he has always naturally been drawn to unique music often heard on Fusion dance floors, and he loves sharing his passion for this music as a DJ.

Emily Webb

Emily Webb has been social dancing since 1997, DJing since 2012, and is the is the co-creator of Mission Fusion and Tango Atipico in San Francisco.  She never thought she would be a good DJ because she can’t remember the names of artist or songs. Turns out one can DJ a great set without that brain function! Through thousands of hours of social dancing and organizing events Emily has fine tuned her ear to what keeps people dancing all night long.  The artistry of ordering songs, creating ebbs and flows, ups and downs, and dancer bliss is what Emily is after.

Since 2012, Emily has DJ’ed for Fusion and Alt Tango dancers across the US and Canada. Including events such as The Portland Alt Tango Festival, Connect Tango Festival, Seattle Fusion Festival, Mission Fusion Extravaganza, and Blues Recess.

Kelly Howard

Kelly loves to DJ almost as much as she loves to dance. In 2007, she began her DJ career in Seattle at house parties. Since 2009, she has DJed at blues, swing and fusion venues all over the world. She began traveling in 2012 and has DJed at various dance events in 13 different countries. Kelly combines a wide array of emotions and flavors: angst and grit, passion and despair. She loves creating a challenging atmosphere that keeps dancers wanting more. Some of her all-time favorite artists for fusion dancing are Beats Antique, Meschiya Lake, and Lynx & Janover.

Angie Huang

Angie is always listening for good music, anytime and anywhere. She started dancing and DJing in 2009, and has since expanded her love of both while traveling and playing all along the west coast. From the woods to wooden floors, she’s played for dancers at events that have included Recess productions, MFX, PUX, CIM, Mist Connections, Champagne & Roses/Emeralds, BAmF, SFF, MHB, and her own home scenes in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Her DJ philosophy – feed the floor so they want more. She enjoys breaking a song down into the elements of what makes it great for dancing, and serves up phat beats, tasty rhythms, and weaving harmonies. You can always find Angie grooving behind the booth, and her sets have been described as “raw kinetic catharsis” and “explosive love heartbeat”. She’s thrilled to play at the debut of Mile High Fusion, to tickle your brain and move your soul.

Leah Vendl

Leah started DJing for house parties in the Pacific Northwest in 2010 and has since DJ’d blues and fusion events across the U.S. and Western Europe. She particularly loves taking the room for a seamless ride, transporting dancers from playful polyrhythmic throwdowns to tender acoustic moments. Her sets have been described as liquid, chewy, luscious and heart-opening. Her favorite thing about DJing is curating a space of care and release by tapping into the emotional desires of the room—a recipe for uplifting experiences and “finding your deepest groove”, she’s been told. Currently based in Seattle, Leah is continually combing the acoustical world for new (and new to her) beats that invite connection, concoct catharsis, and inspire joy. Website:

La Wanna Larson (aka LL DJ Wannie)

La Wanna has an unique connection to the dance world. She served as the executive director of Black American West Museum and curator. She believes music, culture and history are the rhythm of our society.  

La Wanna is now the assistant executive director of CMDance. Each year this innovative non profit brings the arts to thousands of students in their classroom, dance events and monthly dances.

LL DJ Wannie is a fusion DJ with roots in West Coast Swing, Blues, Soul, Zouk, Ballroom, and more. She is a seasoned DJ who has been invited and played at numerous major dance events, local dances.  She is always researching new and classic music to create a memorable set. She travels regularly with her family across the country to dance events. Her daughter Lizzy competes in WCS and is currently ranked as an advanced dancer.   Donald, her husband also dances, competes, and djs too.

A fun fact about La Wanna is she is related to Otis Spann a legendary Blues artist.

Rachel Stirling

Rachel Stirling has danced and DJ’ed her way across the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Having danced since she was six, she primarily teaches blues and is proficient in lindy hop, balboa, salsa, waltz, tango, and polka.  You should ask her to hustle! Having enjoyed many dances and styles of music, she brings an eclectic mix of sounds and genres when she DJs, with a soft spot for a good horn section, interesting rhythms, solid grooves, and sweet harmonies.  From old school jams to brand new beats, Rachel keeps it bumping in the clubs and on the streets.

Bruno Miranda

Bruno and started dancing with his partner Fae in November 2015 and have since taught and performed at numerous events around the country from local workshops to large international congresses.
Since they partnered up they’ve been mainly focusing on zouk training with the best professionals in the world and teaching around the country.

Originally they taught in Los Angeles and moved to Denver after a couple of years.
While in LA they ran popular Zouk Parties where Bruno DJ’ed on a regular basis. Since moving to Colorado he DJ’ed at multiple different events and venues and has always been received with great enthusiasm. He’s known for his ability to set the mood and get the party going!

Bruno and Fae are currently organizing the Elevation Denver – International Zouk Congress and have their own Zouk school called Immersion Dance that includes training programs, performance team and special events (workshops, bootcamps and social dances) in Denver, Colorado.