Mile High Fusion’s education will be focused, collaborative, and geared towards people who want to create something new with their dancing.

We will be featuring some of the finest partner dance instructors from Denver and across the country. Classes will be held in one venue with multiple rooms, offering multiple styles of learning throughout the day Saturday and Sunday.


Blue Room

Green Room

The Classroom The Forum The Incubator
11:00am-12:00pm Lunchtime Activity
(BYO Lunch)
Peer Mentorship Meetup
12:00pm-5:00pm Movement Classes,
Mix Classes,
Guided Practicas

Class Types

Movement Classes

The bread and butter of any dance weekend, we will be offering at least one movement-based class per hour, taught by the very best, covering a variety of topics focused on growing and fusing your dance.

Mix classes will examine bite-sized and immediately applicable pieces of social dance technique or concepts and will be taught in a unique new format.

Structured practicas will provide the container to work with your peers on creating something new, in a structured and guided way.

Lecture & Discussion Classes

Lectures, discussions, trainings, etc, related to dance and dance culture, but are not movement based. We will be offering at least one of these per hour, specifically making space for conversations vital to maintaining and growing our dance scene.

Intensive Classes

For those serious about their learning, we offer Intensives: an opportunity to get in a room with 15-20 similarly passionate peers and and focus on a particular topic. MHF Intensives are collaborative, 1.5hr sessions facilitated by one or more instructors. Intensives are optional and you must opt-in to participate in them. All students at MHF will have the opportunity to take at least one intensive, but we cannot guarantee your first choice.

Intensives at Mile High Fusion 2018 will be:

  • Connection
  • Musicality
  • Fusion as Fusion
  • Finding Your Voice
  • More Inclusive Scenes
  • Teacher Training

Other Education Opportunities

Speed Mentoring

Sunday bring your lunch and participate in speed mentoring: 5-10 minute non-movement conversations with some of our staff, instructors, and community members. Take this time to receive one-on-one advice regarding the development of your dance career, growing and nurturing your local community, keys to success, guidance in growth and learning, training tips, developing your instructor career, competing, and much, much more! Show up early to ensure you get a slot. 

Community Conversations

Saturday, bring your lunch and participate in group conversations on various topics relevant to the fusion community. Come with a few ideas of what you’d love to discuss, ask, or share. Conversation topics will be decided by who is present and what they’re interested in! Topics could include: Sharing tools for collaborating, How to recruit new dancers, What is fusion?, Finding the spark again / staying engaged and growing as a dancer, and more…

Peer Mentoring

Throughout the weekend we will be providing a loose container for peer mentorship. Various sessions will facilitate pairs or small groups to set goals and help drive learning throughout the weekend.

Open Forum & Open Practice Time

This weekend is yours, and so we will be providing space for you to bring the conversations that you want to have and work on your dance.

Private Lessons

Private lessons with our instructor staff will be facilitated throughout the weekend.

More details TBA.