3 over 2

Mark Carpenter | Forum

This history-focused lecture will explore the incredibly influential habanera rhythm from its inception into the western world of music over a hundred years. In a class that is equal parts part musicology, musicality, history, and culture we will explore how the concept of 3 over 2 has seeped into basically all the music we dance to. From zouk to EDM to blues to tango.

Anticipation versus Prediction

Kelly Howard | Mix

You’ve seen those dances where it looks like the partnership is mind-melded, right? Perhaps they are vulcan… But for those of us that are humans, we can look like that too! We’ll explore proprioception techniques as well as body cues that will allow followers to not only predict what the lead will do, but also prepare for it.

Community Conversations

Aimee Eddins | Luncheon

Saturday, bring your lunch and settle in with your fellow collaborators in conversation on topics relevant to the fusion community. Topics will include: Sharing Tools for Collaborating and Learning, How do you…?: An Informal Organizer Lunchtime Share, What is Fusion?, and Finding the Spark Again: Staying Engaged and Growing as a Dancer, and more!

Community Led Justice

Lyra Goldman | Forum

This workshop will be targeted at supporting organizers and community member in dance scenes around the country that want to implement community based processes to address harm. We will explore what alternative models are currently being used, discuss some of the history of how alternative justice models have been implemented in other social scenes, and discuss why organizations decide to use alternative justice models, then have time to brainstorm how to apply these ideas to your local community. This workshop works best if you come with a team that is (or would like to be) working on these issues in your scene, but will be adjusted based on who attends.

Connection Conventions in Blues

Katrina Rogers | Mix

Explore the flow of various connections through the lens of blues: groove to music and still maintaining our own dance. Dance with the music, each other, and the whole dance floor.

Creative Blueprints for our Dancing Footprints

Jeannie Lin | Friday GeekOut

Interlocking steps and twisting torsos can create a beautiful tapestry of uniquely creative movements. Let’s weave in a series of textured rhythms and vibrant direction changes, and we may notice that the pattern suddenly becomes a lot more elaborate. As we layer onto this never-ending web of woven dance steps, we may begin to realize that the possibilities are creatively endless. In this guided práctica, we will learn how to take a simple grapevine step and be able to stretch it into a myriad of different ideas. We’ll be combining concepts like rhythmical changes, altering body alignments, and dynamic direction changes as part of the fun. Come and take part in this rich, creative exploration as we delve into the endless realm of possibilities.

State of Fusion: a DJ Forum

Rebecca Ortega & Angie Huang | Forum

Join us for a led discussion for all interested parties on DJ philosophy, namely how the evolution of fusion affects the craft and role of a DJ. Using this framework, we will also delve into best practices to play for our diverse community of dancers in the fusion scene. Open for Q & A.

Please Note: this forum will not go over the nuts and bolts of DJing, but if you would like to discuss this, please see Angie or Rebecca afterwards.

Extra-Dimensional Dancing

Fen Kennedy & George Longshadow | Group

Come and learn some foundational techniques of contact improvisation, and how to integrate them into more positive partnerships and more dynamic fusion. In this class we’ll be exploring use of the floor, transitioning through connections, and experimenting outside of the lead-follow paradigm.

Going Slow to Spin Fast

Nika & Heriberto | Mix

In this class you will be trying different types of spins, turns, walks and pivots applying the techniques of slow to go fast in which you can then implement later and use in other movements of your own.

House Fundamental

DeAndre Carroll | Mix

House Fundamentals focuses on the technique basics of House dance. Starting in Chicago clubs in the late 70s and following an evolution and transformation through the New York underground, House dance fused elements of Hip Hop with the dance styles already established in these alternative environments. The House Fundamentals session will establish a baseline for House Dance movement that will allow dancers to develop their own skill and creativity by incorporating movements from other disciplines and transforming them through the lens of this style.

Mastering the Art of Assumption

Joe DeMers | Group

Each dance form carries with it certain assumptions of ‘Howto’. Typically driven by the culture from which they come, they determine movement aesthetics, musical qualities, and connection. As Fusion dancers, we continuously navigate these assumptions as two people or two dance forms are brought together. We’ll take one aspect of Frame Matching and analyze how it changes based on two different dance forms and their assumptions.

Modern Dance Concepts in Fusion

Joe DeMers | Mix

One of the keystones of world dance, Modern dance provides beautiful insight into creative movement. We’ll explore elements of body, action, space, time, energy, and relationship, and apply them to Fusion partner-dance.

Modern Street and Social Dance Evolution

DeAndre Carroll | Forum

From Campbellocking to Electric Boogaloo to Bboying/Bgirling to House dance, modern Afro-Latin street and social dance is tied together by its origins in Black and Latino neihborhoods in the United States. As the socioeconomic environment changed, so did the music adding chances for new expression and creation while still drawing from existing cultural foundations set by previous generations. This lecture class covers the evolution of these dances in the modern American context setting them against the backdrop of the Black and Latino experience.

Navigating What People Don’t Say

Nikki Fleming | Forum

Have you ever done something that created conflict, but you weren’t sure what you did or how to go about finding understanding or resolution? Have you ever been told you read someone’s nonverbals incorrectly, but were unsure how to navigate verbally clarifying what was being said or desired? Then this class is for you! We will be discussing and applying ways to clarify nonverbals and work towards better understanding with our dance partners that can be applied beyond this context.


Rachel Farley | MIx

This is a guided meditation designed to calm the nervous system by shifting resources from your mid brain (fight or flight) to your Prefrontal Cortex (curiosity and empathy). You will take away visualizations and breathing exercises to prep your mind and body for a relaxed and comfortable social dance. You will also heighten your Neuroplasticity, allowing you to better absorb and retain content as you train.

Organizing and Teams and Support, Oh My!

Aimee Eddins | Forum

Do you run events? Would you like to? Join us to create connections with other organizers as we have conversations on topics that may include: convenient tools for organizing, dealing with changing dance markets, successful marketing strategies, creating successful partnerships with other events, values-based organizing, and more… Bring the question(s) you’ve always wanted to ask a successful organizer!


Rachel Stirling | Mix

Why settle for just one rhythm? This class is all about polyrhythms and will show you how to layer multiple rhythms in your body at the same time. After learning some examples, you’ll work on creating your own in solo movement with various layers.

Power of 3

Nika & Heriberto | Group

Connection to Floor. Connection to music. Connection to partner

In this class we will be exploring the dynamics of dancing in a full circle.

In dancing a lot of us connect 1 or 2 things missing a the 3rd variable to really dance fully with partner. We will work on exercises to train our bodies to explore all variable in connection.

Single Over Multiple Spins

Nika & Heriberto | Mix

Understanding connection of the turn to floor and partner. Finding your balance while spinning and implementing correct body position to achieve spins.

Speed Mentoring

Kanit Dararutana | Luncheon

On Sunday, bring your lunch and come to the studio for one-on-one facetime with your favorite instructors to ask those questions you’ve been dying to get answers. Maybe you want opinions on where to take your training routine? Maybe you want to ask how this instructor built their career? Maybe you want some tips of the trade in how you may get better – the kind of questions you want to ask outside of a private lesson. We guarantee participants will get at least 10 minutes of facetime to sit across the table with an instructor as they eat lunch, and could possibly get more with the same or a variety of instructors based on availability. Join us!

Split Weight Turns

Emily Webb | Mix

Who says turning should all be on one foot? Get a clear understanding of weight shifts and everything that can happen in between in order to create a whole new line of movement in your dance.

The Empress’ New Groove

Rachel Stirling | Group

We’ve all reached a point in our dancing where we want to do more than just the basics, often showing off and adding flash to hit all the accents and details in a song. It’s easy to lose perspective and let the accents and flash become the most prominent part of the dance, while the groove of the song is lost. We’ll listen to a variety of musical styles and find how to express the very different groove in each, then we’ll take it a step further and explore how to hit the accents without forsaking the essence of the song. Learn to impress with the groove.

What Can Queer Fusion Do?

Fen Kennedy | Forum

Whatever your identity, this discussion will look at how fusion and queerness work together, and provide a practical toolkit for inclusive, welcoming, and creative teaching. A class for teachers, organizers, and community members.

Your Dance Vision and the Next Step

Aimee Eddins | Forum

We each have a personal journey we’re on with dance. What is yours? Join us to get more clear on what you contribute with your dance journey and to make a plan for the next step to continue that journey once you’re back in your home dance scene.

Zouk Head Movement

Rachel Farley | Mix

Learn to lead and follow basic head movement safely. We will focus on anatomical awareness and linking the breath to movement.