Mile High Fusion Alcohol and Cannabis Policy

Mile High Fusion is ecstatic to be working with our fabulous venue(s). As private properties, they may establish rules restricting possession and use of cannabis at their establishment, as well as possession of outside alcohol. In keeping with our venue contracts, Mile High Fusion participants are prohibited from use or possession of cannabis at, in, or near all of the event venues, and from bringing outside alcohol onto the property. This specifically includes the grounds of the venues, including in the parking lots.

CO law governs use, possession, and sale of these and other substances. Please inform yourself and abide by all applicable laws. Understand that individuals can cause legal and safety issues if they violate this policy and, because we value our community, we ask you to choose to abide by these restrictions. Understand that it is never okay to provide alcohol or cannabis to anyone under 21 years of age.

If you choose to consume retail cannabis or alcohol while visiting CO, it is your responsibility to follow the rules of the event and the laws of the state, city and county where you are. Links to various government-issued documents and resources are provided below to help you know the laws. If you choose to use, please also consume safely.

Here is the Colorado website with a variety of information:
Here is a sheet provided by the state of Colorado specifically for visitors:
And here is a FAQ specifically for the City and County of Denver:

Attribution example: This policy was copied from/edited from Mile High Blues.