A Note from the Organizers in Oct 2018:

Dear Mile High Fusion community,

We appreciate all your support this past year as we crafted and held the first Mile High Fusion event. We are writing to share with you our vision for Mile High Fusion (MHF) going forward.

At this year’s event, we embraced non-typical types of education, forthright conversations about community and the people who make it up, and gave us all the opportunity to see our dance community in new ways. We loved that about this year and that we got to party with all of you. We are celebrating that the event was hugely successful in bringing forth constructive conversations, introducing new education styles, and creating a dance space many felt at home with and enjoyed. We are passionate about continuing to offer a space through MHF for us all to learn and grow in community in new ways. We are also passionate about creating an inclusive, supportive, and empowering environment for those who plan and host the event. While looking at what would be supportive of the organizing team, we saw that, right now, we need to be prioritizing our time and energy to different projects and to be building and nurturing relationships with our families and communities. We have plans to check in again as a team in 1 year and, rest assured, we will be in touch again to let you know what the future holds for us and the event with lots of time to plan. In the meantime, we hope to see and dance with you at one of the many fusion events that exist locally, regionally, or nationally.  We are all passionate about seeing community, dance, and education as it existed at MHF at a dance event again and will continue the conversation about the possibility of offering an event in the future.

Below, you can read a personal note from each MHF organizer who chose to share what they are currently enthusiastically putting their time and energy into.

Personal Notes from the Organizers:

——From Aimee——

This year has been a mixed year for me. It’s included planning and running or playing a major role in 4 dance events while coping with some intense grief at the loss of a pregnancy. Since MHF, I’ve been discerning what’s most important to me and how I can share my gifts and talents in sustainable ways; I invite you to join me on this ride! Two grounding values for me as I move forward are building and nourishing relationships and choosing to do important work that also sustains me financially. I’m particularly focusing on building relationships with the Dance!?! Alt Fusion and Community, the Verb organizing teams, as well as the Capoeira, dance, and movement communities I’m a part of in Denver. Even Mile High Blues is about building and nourishing relationships for me, as we become a bridge between the Blues music and Blues dance scenes in Denver – come join us for or our 10 year anniversary in June 2019! These relationships and events play a vital role in the anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and inclusive work I do and I’m excited to continue building them. I’m also really excited to focus on growing my coaching practice to support even more community-oriented visionaries and leaders to make the difference only they can in their communities. It’s always scary to be doing something new, but I’m excited to practice what I preach and to begin offering workshop weekends for leaders to gain new skills so they can make a difference now, network with other leaders, and enroll quality support for themselves while they do! Finally, saving the dream I’ve been keeping closest to my heart for last, it’s clear to me just how important having a family and being a mother is to me and how much time I haven’t spent putting energy toward this until now. So, going forward, I will also be nourishing my family relationships and, together with my family, forging an environment to support us having children – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. I’m excited to continue connecting with, leading, and mentoring in the dance communities I’m a part of while focusing more of my energy on my family and local communities. I hope this inspires you and I invite you to reach out and share with me how it does!

——From Kanit——

2018 has been an extremely rewarding, yet busy, year for my personal, volunteer, and work life. This year, I played a major part in organizing two dance events – both of which have been extremely gratifying, but very difficult to balance with other aspects of my life. During this time, I have been working on a Master’s degree program and thesis as well as two Master’s level certificate programs through the Air Force Institute of Technology, to be completed in March 2019. In addition, I have been accepted into a fellowship program, following graduation, to learn and work with a fast-moving government entity developing new skills and experience in Machine Learning along a vast array of critical fields. While this fellowship requires uprooting my family for three months, I’m grateful and excited for the new opportunities it opens and the following “permanent” pack up and move once again to Colorado Springs to settle into my next Air Force assignment, where I aim to take on additional responsibilities. 2018 has also been a year to chase healing, as my family and I sought various professionals to address our health concerns and needs. This year and the years before have shown me how much I truly value volunteering my time across various entities, but also how important it is to give other important areas of my life attention. Going forward, I will still play a role in organizing dance events (Join us for Mile High Blues’ 10th anniversary!), while putting even more effort, with my family, into becoming healthier individuals physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

——From Jakob——

Hej (from Sweden). Following MHF, I spent the following month (yeah, short time frame) wrapping up my Master’s degree, moving most all my belongings into storage, and leaving the country. I am on a nine month research fellowship in Gothenburg working with two PhD students at Chalmers University studying corrosion in concrete. I intend to invest myself in this study and also into the cultural experience of a new country while also into strengthening and affirming my relationship with my now long-distance partner. Hej då.

——From Nikki——

Since MHF, I’ve been organizing weekends focused on communication and consent, roadtripping to Canada to see a bunch of national parks, brainstorming on a “haunted” house for Halloween-ish time period at my house, reading personal stories at an event in Boulder coming soon, and just trying to settle down a bit since a chaotic time for me this summer. I’m trying to learn guitar and spend some quality time working on me and my relationships (friendships, romantic, parental, etc). I’m hunkering down on the contract work I’m doing as a “day job” as well and want to spend some quality time drinking hot chocolate near a fire while it snows outside. 🙂

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