Notes from the Organizers:

October 1st, 2019

Dear Mile High Fusion Community,

Thank you for all your enthusiasm in reaching out to see about future Mile High Fusion events. We are warmed and encouraged by your energy and initiative. Thank you for staying in contact and continuing to reflect back what you enjoyed and are excited about for the future with Mile High Fusion. As promised, we have an update for you on our status as an event:

Over the past year, Co-Main Organizers, Aimee and Kanit, took a look at what is feasible for them personally and as organizers and have made the strategic decision to prioritize allocating their time and energy to some major life transitions in the coming year. We are still passionate about the constructive conversations, innovative education styles, and inclusive and joy-filled dance spaces we created with MHF 2018 and we will revisit in July of 2020 how we can sustainably integrate organizing the 2nd edition of Mile High Fusion. 

We are passionate about continuing to offer a space through MHF for us all to learn and grow in community in new ways and invite you to stay connected to us through our email list and FB page

All our best,

MHF Main Event Organizers